m.a.p. auto-reject

The M.A.P. Auto-Reject is designed to be integrated with any canning system running up to 50+ cans per minute (individual results may vary). Built with space constraints in mind this machine comes either as a retro-fit bolt-on option or assembled on an In-Line conveyor (46"L x 5"W). 



  • Systems are available as a bolt-on retrofit or pre-assembled on a standard 5″ x 48″ conveyor. 

  • 50+ CPM w/ accuracy within 0.5 % total package weight (individual results may vary)

  • UL listed Control Panel

  • Industry standard 1 year warranty

Facility Requirements

  • 120 volts/ GFCI Protected.

  • Uses 5 CFM of Air @ 100 PSI.

Are you overfilling your cans to make sure you aren't shorting your customers? Knowing the weight of every can allows you to bring fill levels down while improving the quality of the beer going to customers. This means more cases coming from the same barrels.

Auto-rejection can pay for itself!
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