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m.a.p. auto-reject

The M.A.P. Auto-Reject is designed to be integrated with any canning system running up to 50+ cans per minute (individual results may vary). Built with space constraints in mind this machine comes either as a retro-fit bolt-on option or assembled on an In-Line conveyor (46"L x 5"W). 



  • Systems are available as a bolt-on retrofit or pre-assembled on a standard 5″ x 48″ conveyor. 

  • 50+ CPM w/ accuracy within 0.5 % total package weight (individual results may vary)

  • UL listed Control Panel

  • Industry standard 1 year warranty

Facility Requirements

  • 120 volts/ GFCI Protected.

  • Uses 5 CFM of Air @ 100 PSI.

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