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EST. 2019



Tony Reindl, president, CEO and founder of M.A.P.

In 2019 after the sale of Montana Canning Co., I set out to design and build modular automated packaging equipment (M.A.P.) for the craft beverage industry. The entire 5 years I was running my canning line I was scheming up machines that would increase my efficiency and raise the quality of the products. With a background as an Electrician specializing in automation and motor control and a knack of build things, M.A.P Equipment was born. To date, we have created Post Seam Packaging solutions for PackTech Handles, 12 Pack Boxes, but have found our nice`  focusing on Weight Based Auto-Rejection. We have spent the last two years BETA testing our technology and have developed the industry's fastest and most accurate modular weight-based low fill detection systems.

What separates us from the competition?

As a company, we strive to develop smarter, more connected machines to ease the burden on employees and raise efficiency. Our weight-based Auto-Rejection systems are built using the best technology available. By investing in the best technology available and focusing on the quality of data output it has allowed us to achieve the fastest throughput speeds (+50CPM) and best accuracy in the industry (+-1g).

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