M.A.P. stands for Modular Automated Packaging. By making modular machinery, it allows the owner the ability to add, remove, and change machinery components to achieve desired packaging styles.


How to choose the right machine for you

step 1

Decide on a Base

Base Options

Mobile Base

Mix-Packer Base

Coming Soon

Built-In Base

Mobile Mix-Pack Base

step 2

Choose your MOD

MOD Options


12 oz 12 Pack Box

Custom MOD

Have a custom request? Let us know!

step 3

Add your Accessories

MOD Accessories

Access to the U/I

16 oz Shim Kit

375 ml Shim Kit

19.2 oz Shim Kit

Other Accessories

Stainless Steel Fill Head

Coming Soon

Can Weight Auto Reject

step 4

Elevate Your Packaging!

Real-World Examples

Are you mobile? If yes, then a mobile base paired with a Pack-Tech and a 12 Packer is right up your alley.

Do you need to move your machine due to space constraints? Go Mobile!

Do you "stuff" 12 pack boxes by hand? 12 Packer will save you a lot of headaches!

Are you looking to re-pack mix packs? Mix-pack Base is what you're looking for!

Not sure which machine best fits your needs? Contact Us and we'd be happy to provide our input.


Want to know more?

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