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Wild Goose


Our Wild Goose model has been designed to be a direct replacement to your existing Wild Goose out-feed chute, with the ability to run at 45 cans per minute and not add an inch to your line!

It accurately weighs and records every can that goes down your line while automatically rejecting low fills to help ensure quality products for your customers.

This machine was designed and tested in collaboration with Wild Goose. Requiring only a few hardware changes it easily installs on your canning line and provides you with confidence that every can is perfect!

Are you overfilling your cans to make sure you aren't shorting your customers? Knowing the weight of every can allows you to bring fill levels down while improving the quality of the beer going to customers. This means more cases coming from the same barrels.

Auto-rejection can pay for itself!
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What the customers are saying:


"The M.A.P. Auto Reject has brought in a new peace of mind on canning days.  Having real time data on every can has been a game changer in our packaging consistency and efficiency.  The ability to watch your weights, set lower limits, and auto reject also makes training new employees much easier!"

Jason Brenden,
Head Brewer
Outlaw Brewing

"The ease of use and assurance of a full can makes this addition to our canning line a no brainer.
Tony and Nate are great to work with and this machine will pay for itself in a very short amount of time by allowing us to lower our fill levels yet maintaining a high quality product."


Tucker Kalberg,

Bozeman Brewing